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The online marketplace is now incredibly competitive. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported in 2016 that online shopping accounted for over half of all purchases made. Due to the rapid growth in the online marketplace, customers now have a wide variety of merchants to choose from when making a purchase. That is why we here at Livoti’s we are committed to continually upgrading our digital online system in order to give you, our online shoppers a more enjoyable shopping experience every time they visit our site. This has become our top business objective.

Take the time to click through our new website and if you don’t already have it, download our mobile app which has been updated with the latest technology that will offer you the most enjoyable shopping experience any Italian Market could ever offer. You don’t have to wait anymore for the newspaper to be delivered to find out what is on sale every Thursday, just get the app and get the Livoti’s weekly circular sent to your phone and get that head start on your weekend shopping. You can even order your next big catering party online or on the app. Whatever your looking for if we have it will be easy to find at

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Livoti’s – A One-Stop Solution for All Your Catering Needs!

Catering should not simply mean acquired chair, tablecloths, or food. Rather, it ought to be the word that strikes a chord when you think about a unique experience. At Livoti’s Old World Market, our team of experts utilises a state-of-the-art approach and a consistent commitment to greatness to make that one of a kind encounter for you- – unfailingly. As our customer, we’ll give you our complete attention that you deserve, right from the beginning with your absolute first call to our organisation to the ending of the event.

An entire team member of Livoti’s is very enthusiastic about making your occasion an amazing experience, without paying heed to the size. Whether you are thinking about hosting a party for a couple of friends or arranging a luxurious garden wedding, our committed occasion specialists will evaluate your requirements and difficulties before faultlessly arranging your occasion.

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