About the Owner/ Livoti’s Origins

Mr. John Livoti
Owner / Founder of Livoti’s Old World Market

Raised as a first generation Italian-American John Livoti was brought up by two immigrant parents that moved to America when they were 18. Mr. Livoti’s passion for food came from his Italian culture. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Livoti started in the food service industry at the young age of 10, sweeping floors, and getting coffee for tips. As Mr. Livoti got older and and gained more knowledge of the industry he eventually made his way up and became a store manager at the age of 28. Mr. Livoti continued his hard work and dedication under management until 2009 when he decided to start his own business. Livoti’s Old World Market, a one stop gourmet Italian specialty market, was first envisioned by John Livoti in 2009. Livoti’s Old World Market was first established in May of 2010 in Aberdeen, NJ. The Livoti Family’s Old World Market would consist of only the finest produce, Meat, Grocery, Dairy, Deli, Catering, and Bakery departments.

The Livoti’s Old World Markets are structured on the 4 pillars that are key to its proven success.
Those pillars are Quality, Affordability, Customer Service, and consistency. Hands on ownership is present in every location daily, which ensures that each location is held to the highest standards. Since 2010 we have proven to follow through on those goals, and since then, we have opened two more locations; in 2014 we opened the Marlboro in the Marlboro Plaza, and then our third location in 2017 we opened our Middletown store. We offer an array of homemade, store baked, and freshly prepared foods. Our standards for freshness is evident in everything we have, from all our prepared cut fruits and vegetables, our catering, to our fresh cut meats, all the way down to what is in our fresh made deli salads, prepared entrees, and breads.